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Working Together Surin Farm and Sanpatong COOP And Thai Feed Group (TFG)

Surin Farm

Sanpatong COOP

Thai Feed (TFG)

The Thai Government Agriculture COOP in Sanpatong, Chiang Mai has a relationship with Thai Feed Group; in that relationship the COOP sells TFG feed. The COOP also offers COOP Members credit for purchase of the feed. When a pig is finished (at 100 kg) Thai Feed in Lampoon will purchase the finished pig for butcher. They pay close to the full abattoir price for the finished pig. This saves members money as the members do not need to sell the finished pigs to brokers at a discounted price. TFG sends the funds from the sale directly to the COOP.

Piglets in the program need to be inspected if not purchased from Surin Farm (our piglets are pre-approved).