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Our Mission: In accordance with the Thailand Government Sufficiency Plan our mission is to:

Company Profile: Surin Farm is a small family farm: we are not the largest but we feel we are one of the best pig farms in Thailand. We maintain around 80 sows and 10 boars in our operation. We also keep an inventory of gilts for sow replacement on our farm and for customer sales.The majority of our "production" is presold to specific customer orders. We are always looking for new customers that desire quality pigs.

Surin Farm works closely with the Thailand Livestock Division and the Thailand Swine Research Center: the Livestock staff have held meetings and training at our farm with attendance from all province offices within Thailand. All our sperm boars are 100% Thailand Livestock pedigree pigs and over 50% of our sows are Thailand Livestock pedigree pigs.  

Our farm uses four pedigrees: Large White, Landrace, Duroc and Pietrain pigs. We only sell top quality pigs.

Surin Farm also works closely with our Thungsatoke Tambon Government (who also hold periodic meetings on our farm): working with them we have started local charity support programs including "Pig Of The Month" where we provide free gilts to the government who then work with a needy family and start a family village pig farm. We support many organizations within our Tambon with an emphasis on the wellbeing of children and elderly. See

Our farm is based on the King of Thailand Sufficiency Plan: we utilize a Biogas system to provide a smell free farm and we cycle all wastes back into the environment by providing clean fertilizer for our rice fields. The Thungsatoke Tambon nurse has held "surprise" inspections and has commented on the farms cleanliness. Many customers comments include "a professional scientific based farm".   


The primary goal of Surin Farm is to sell piglets at 35 to 50 days of age. The majority of our piglets are ordered and presold prior to their birth. Our customers know we only sell top quality piglets and feel safe to order piglets according to their needed delivery dates.


We maintain a supply of Large White, Landrace, Duroc and Duroc/Pietrain sperm. We work closely with the Thailand Livestock Sanpatong office - their customers use our farm for their needs when the Livestock office is closed. All of our boars are Thailand Livestock pedigree boars.


Another goal of Surin Farm is to sell top quality gilts. We select the best piglets and then raise them for gilts for sale and as replacement gilts for our own farm. Our gilts are primarily two breed pedigree pigs. Occasionally we will raise and sell one pedigree gilts. Tell us your needs and we will try supply the gilts you desire.

Finish Pigs

We raise our 100kg finish pigs on small satellite family farms.  

Ceremony Pigs

Do you have a special ceremony coming up that you would like a pig for? Let us know your desire in advance and we will raise a piglet to your desired weight and color. Please note we normally do not have black piglets available but do have dark brown colored piglets.


We raise Duroc and Duroc/Pietrain . Check with us!  


At this time we are using all of the Methane Gas Plant fertilizer on our own rice fields. Please feel free to call us if you are looking for high quality smell and germ free fertilizer.

Surin Farm: (family name not province)

    Is a DLD Certified Standard Farm

    Is a DLD Certified Smart Farm

    Is a DLD Certified Network/Contract Farm

    Is awarded the number 1 DLD Swine Farm in Thailand: 2014, 2015, 2016

    Is a training farm for DLD and is used as the DLD model farm

    Is a partner with the King's Swine Project to bring a better live to Thai Families

    Has introduced and is teaching Satellite Farming as an alternative to large commercial farming

          The largest Ag Company in Laos is using and training the Surin Farm principles in Laos

Pigs are: Thai Government Department of Livestock Development (DLD)

    Pedigree Line White pigs: Sows usually mixture of Largewhite and Landrace. Boars are a purebred Duroc or a Duroc with some Pietrain

    Pedigree Line Black pigs:

Feed is from Inteqc Group, Bangkok.

    The protein is primarily obtained from Shrimp.

    The feed ingredients are tailored to each stage of growth

Key organic rules:

    No antibiotics within 30 days of market

    No growth or hormone additives

    Housing is 150% larger than organic requires

    Humanitarian/ethical care required from birth to slaughter

    Environmentally friendly housing and cleaning materials

    Recycle of pig waste

Family oriented farming (no industrial level):

    Pigs are bred and farrowed (birthed) on a small family farm

    Pigs are raised to market on small family satellite farms (that help each other succeed)

    Pigs are raised in odor free environments (no problem to neighbors)

United Nations, UN Bangkok

meeting about sustainable food – dinner used Surin Farm pork

A Sustainable Food Journey, Eating For Life. May 9, 2017

Meeting Information: 25% of the catering comprised of more sustainable meat options, such as chicken and pork which were purchased from local, small-scale farms. The pork was sourced from a family run producer with small satellite ‘smart farms’ that partners with the King’s Swine Project, which brings income to Thai family farms. The producer doesn’t use chemicals or hormones, and the pigs have 150% of the space required under organic standards. The only reason why their pork is not organic is due to the fact that the organic feed is not available in the quantity they need, which they are working hard to  rectify. In addition to these efforts, the producer also recycles their livestock’s manure and uses environmentally friendly housing and cleaning products.